The Soweto Inspirational Museum diary is a recollection of various individual inspirational experiences at the museum.

Diary Entry 1: 06 Decemer 2020

My name is Sandile and I am a local resident here in Rockville, Soweto. Earlier in the week Ms Mandy Mankazana, the founder of the Soweto Inspirational Museum mentioned to me that she would invite a few of her friends from her earlier days growing up in Soweto for a good old Sunday-jazz hangout. Like any other genre of music, I like jazz, so I decided through that evening. I met about the 5 of her friends on the day. It was fun watching them relate inside jokes and sharing old-time wisdom in a very humorous way. At time they spoke in “Tsotsi taal” which is an improvised twist in communication which stems back from the apartheid days as an indirect assimilation to the Afrikaans language. More casually, it is a language used to accommodate the culturally diverse pool of people occupying the same neighbourhood, Soweto. I could barely hear them at times, but I fairly followed the conversations thanks to the Afrikaans First Additional Language (AFAL) we know all too well, maybe not. Before anything, I couldn’t help but notice the dress code. It was of course old-school, precise, stylish, deliberate, just classic, pure “drip”. (Describe dress code). They went on about their work and daily life experiences and I must say, they had some exciting moments to share. It was interesting that in some cases, professions occupied by African people during the apartheid era could stretch to banking and IT. Apart from anything else, and too a fair extent, we could relate to certain political views, worldviews, values and perceptions. The gap isn’t that far apart after all. I look forward to my next encounter with folks at the Soweto Inspirational Museum Sunday Jazz Hangouts. I know my friend Tshepo would enjoy it.